Friday, May 14, 2010

the sufferfest

I wasn't sure if the ave speed was higher on thursday but I sure hoped so cuz I was hanging on for dear life. We were flying. Strong ass riding by all involved. We ended with 12-15 guys so that was cool. 1st 30' we averaged 24.8, 2nd 30' we did 27.8 mph. That's fast. A shout out to P. Discoe who hung in there till the bitter end despite being out of shape with a bunch of racers hammering each other...that's experience or stupidity. ;-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A smallish group tonight and a solid foursome got away and worked it to keep the chase away. Karl, wingo, MW and mystery strong dude with the latter taking the sprint.

1. MSD
2. MW

Thursday we're down for another sufferfest...6:15 at the crit course, 35 miles quickly.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Tonight's sufferfest was a good one. We had 20+ riders and did the first 30' at 25.1 mph, the next 30' at 26.2 mph. The 35 miles was done in 90min. Fast! I told someone that I would have attacked more but that's a little hard to do when we're hammering at 28mph. The sprints were hard with the one at Cabin Creek rd especially brutal with lots of attacks starting at a few miles to go then JC killing it at the end.

Thanks for everyone who came out and let's do it again next week.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thursday Sufferfest

This week we're doing a new Thursday ride. Meet at the crit course and be ready to roll at 6:15 pm.

Come ready to ride hard but there will be some regroup/cut through spots if you (or me!) get dropped. If you're going to whine, cry or bitch...stay home.

35 miles. See map below.

Sprint #1: Top of Horrell Hill Rd.
If you are dropped use one of the cut throughs to Congaree Rd
(See Map)

Sprint #2: End of Cabin Creek
3 min STOP to regroup after
this sprint

Sprint #3: End of Dbl Homey

Click on Map below to enlarge:


TNWC #7,8

Last week was a train wreck...30mph winds which shredded the group on lap 1. Jay, Nick and USC Erik got away after 20' then everyone else went home!


1. USC Erik
2. Nick

Tonight's race was really with lots of attacking. I was away with Jay and MW for a while but it was too early. Karl and Nick were in a dangerous late move with 2 laps to go and I did a suicidal pull to close it down then pulled out to watch Marc W take the win.


1. Marc W
2. Jay ?