Thursday, May 6, 2010


Tonight's sufferfest was a good one. We had 20+ riders and did the first 30' at 25.1 mph, the next 30' at 26.2 mph. The 35 miles was done in 90min. Fast! I told someone that I would have attacked more but that's a little hard to do when we're hammering at 28mph. The sprints were hard with the one at Cabin Creek rd especially brutal with lots of attacks starting at a few miles to go then JC killing it at the end.

Thanks for everyone who came out and let's do it again next week.


Crusty said...

Good stuff out there. Just what I was hoping for and just like the old days of riding in Columbia....go out and kill or be killed for a few hours.
And yes, I was one of the "killed". Haven't come home from a ride that tired in a long while.
I'll be there as often as I can.

Jay said...

Great ride! You won the Cabin Creek sprint, after the group was broken to pieces.

Rich W said...

I disqualified myself since I was the only one who really knew where the sprint points were. ;-)

GW said...

Enjoyed the ride for sure - sorry I'll miss it this week but I'll be back next week. Any of you guys know if there is a TNWC equivalent in the Charleston area?