Saturday, February 27, 2010

Race no. 2 Fork Shoals

It was damn cold this morning... around 30˚ and probably the coldest race I've done. Our team has always kicked ass at Fork Shoals so we were psyched, confident and looking forward to it (last year we finished 1-2-4). We did 3 laps and 45 miles (despite the flyer saying 60 miles). At the end of the first lap Jay was up the road in a small break and LL and Ryan Jenkens from Carolina Masters bridged across. Once they got together they were gone as Ryan is a great TT'er and has won a ton of races.

The POA team again had 10+ riders and one guy in the break but they didn't seem too
happy with it and they were chasing all day long. Go figure, but I wouldn't like my chances against LL and JC either. I was only really worried about one guy, Charlie Brown. He's Ryan's teammate and if he shows at a bike race there's a good chance he'll win. Lets just say on the drive up his name was mentioned a few times! So I followed him around in the group and made sure if he attacked then either Robert or I went with him.

For the finish the break basically stopped working so Jay had to do a ton of work to set up LL. It came down to a sprint and there was a photo finish for first. Unfortunately the brainiacs who were officiating forgot to turn on the camera so they picked Ryan as the winner... trouble was all of Ryan's teammates standing at the finish thought LL had beat him. That kind of sucks but what can you do. LL finished 2nd and Jay 4th.

I had a good run at the finish and basically just followed Charlie to finish 9th. I had an IF of .88 for close to 2 hrs so it was a pretty good workout. I bonked HARD standing in line at Subway...gotta eat more in these races.

Tomorrow is a Donaldson Ctr Road Race and a 11am start so it will be good and warm.