Saturday, February 20, 2010

Race no.1

Greenville training series #1 was today for LL, Jay, RK and I. I woke up with a really crap stomach for some reason that bothered me all day. Weather was nice and around 50˚ at the start.

LL and I lined up at the front and within a minute POC (who had probably 10 guys there) had launched a guy...I followed that. We were caught then they launched another & I found myself away with him. We got a good gap and rode pretty hard for a lap (VO2 type pulls) then we settled in and stayed away for 45 min. The other guy wasn't super strong so I didn't think we'd stay away but I worked hard anyway to make some other teams chase--we were eventually caught.

Unfortunately right after we were caught the usual counter attacks happened and it got very hard for next lap. That hurt a bit. My first hour of racing was at an IF of .96

I was pretty much in conserve mode at this point and LL, Jay and RK were attacking and were represented in every serious break until the end, sometimes with all 3 of them up there. Nice!

On the last lap LL and Robert got into a fairly large unorganized break that dangled off the front and ended up staying away with LL getting 3rd and RK getting 7th.

I was going to just bag the sprint since 8 places were up the road but got caught up in the spirit of things and had a good run, I passed a bunch of people in the grass on the right then popped back on the pavement to get 3rd in the field sprint and I think 11th on the day.

Good strong riding by our team today. It was a really fun race.