Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Tonight riding over to the crit I had this "uh-oh" kindof feeling...the legs felt like crap. Warming up my RPE was high and the legs felt heavy so I did a little effort to try to clear em out. 1 minute at 300w...Big "uh-oh" This was not going to be good.

So I basically sat in most of the night (while everyone else chased Karl, Jay and Charles), I did a few half hearted efforts then almost sat up at 1 lap to go but decided to at least sprint a little...I actually went pretty well on the final sprint (for starting at last wheel). I passed a lot of people at least so that was fun. Then I rode tempo home to get some exercise and beat the darkness.

I'm out of town the next 2 tuesdays so that's it for the racing for me this year...The saturday ride is now at 9am at the circle.