Sunday, September 30, 2007


Jules and I got out for a rare ride together. We did 2 hours with me still stuck in my small chainring which was actually good cuz I wanted to spin. My legs were a little tweaked from yesterday. Awesome weather out there today.

Met up with Dean at the wildcat gate coming back in and just before the descent of the wall Dean stood up and snapped off one of his Look Keo pedals...he hit the ground--Hard. He landed on his back and had a huge hematoma on his knee and lots of scrapes...he's gonna be sore tomorrow but luckily he didn't break anything. We were looking around for his pedal and finally we found it...still attached to his cleat. I'm having a hard time figuring out how a normal pedal just snaps off at the spindle.

So dean had to ride back with only a left pedal and me pushing him. At hilton field I called answer so I called right back which is the universal code for a 23 y.o. "I know you're on the couch and totally hung over but pick up the phone anyway" So he met us at the gate...looking like he had just hit the pavement too.

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