Thursday, January 7, 2010

an old lesson

I've had days like this before...I feel like shit and am tired and all I want to do after work is just go to bed. And I know my ride is going to suck...but sometimes it doesn't, like today.

Getting ready and on the roll over I kept downgrading the workout in my mind...2x20 became 3x10 and went from 100% of FTP to 98%.

Once I got going I felt remarkably good and ended up with 15' at 100% (4.14 w/kg) then 20' at 102% (4.25 w/kg). Pretty solid workout for almost blowing it off...I'm glad I didn't. Some days are like that...the hardest part of the workout can be just swinging a leg over the bike.

My FTP "phase" has begun...