Sunday, January 10, 2010

real winter

So we've had a taste of what winter feels like to most of the rest of the country. Not very nice for road riding. Saturday when I went out it was 28˚ and I rode for about 2.5 hrs. Had to keep it at >200w to stay warm...below that and I could feel the cold creeping in. I had planned on 4 hrs so I spun on the velodyne when I got back for a while and ended up with close to 3.5 hrs total.

My dressing strategy: bibs, knee warmers, thin wool ski socks (knee high) and over all this I had a pair of AmFib tights. Up top a LS base layer, LS Jersey and a Cannondale winter jacket that I have never worn cuz it's way too hot for around here (I use it on my scooter). Hands got my soft side ski gloves and full booties for the feet. My secret weapon is stuffing chemical hot packs in both gloves/toes of booties. These make a huge difference. Hat and balaclava round it out (taped helmet vents too).
Today it was warmer and I went to the crit course and did my 2x20's at 100% of FTP. Felt a little tired from yesterday but eeked it out. I've got tuesday off so I may try to do a long ride in the afternoon. I'm also thinking of doing what I did last year and take a 1/2 day off from work to get in an extra long ride per week.