Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wednesday Night Cyclocross World Championships

So 5 of us showed for the first annual (weekly) WNCWC...  I had some time tuesday so I went out to Owens field to mark out a course then Justin came and we tweaked it a bit.  It had grass, barriers, technical single track, sketchy turns, off camber, concrete stairs, sand, sidewalk and a 180˚ zig zag section.

5 of us showed and we smashed each other till dark around 40'... Most crashed, one was close to puking and we had a blast.

I learned a few things: run your cross saddle the same height as the road, go fast when you can go fast and never go easy.  I really wish I had a power meter for this.

We are gonna try to do this every Wednesday.  Try to be there and ready to roll at 6pm.  We will do one lap recon then line up and GO.

Here was this weeks course, it will change every week, click to see larger view.