Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Freakin freakish weather...another 78 degree day. Went out to do a threshold workout and just go with the flow. Ended up feeling great and doing 30min at 270w so I'm pretty happy with that...steady progress, don't try to kill it...yet. Hooked up with Chris and we cruised in. I'm lookin to put together a 3-4 hour group ride on tofurky day.


LL said...

Nice even effort. Where did you get 30' of steady riding?

Rich W said...

it's a bit circuitous...start before the hill on washington, left on semmes, right on chestnut, right on hartsville then around the loop. 40 min puts me at the stop sign at boyden arbor.

gotta watch the PM like a hawk...with all the rollers in the fort its crawl up the climbs and ride like hell down them.

ll said...

That is a big word! And even more turns. Makes the ride look even more impressive. Pull our your map...Hwy 269 from Monticello Rd heading east. 35' of straight. Good TT.