Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 1

Today was close to 80 degrees so I decided the vacation was over and it's time to start training again. I got out and did 2 hours at about 85% of FTP...basically just hammered in the sweet spot. Jersey and shorts only--very nice. Ended the ride in the dark...but not really thanks to my Niterider H.I.D. That thing kicks ass.

Oh yeah...I'm up to 156lb. Chips and Beer, baby! I've also been downloading the Euro Cross races from this dutch guy...I just watched the Koppenberg --> Nys is a friggin monster.

I'm half way to a very sweet Powertap wheelset. Now I need a 24 hole wireless hub to rebuild the rear. I'm selling a set of Rolf Prima Vigor clinchers for $300 (I may already have a buyer...)

Great story on This american life this week.