Wednesday, July 1, 2009

some thoughts...

Here's some random thoughts on the nats RR...

I saw some very "un masters-like" riding...a guy would accidentally get chopped a bit in a corner then he'd accelerate and try to throw an elbow at the dude or cut his wheel...crazy road rage type stuff. This happened 3 times...the last in the final 1k of the race.

Gordon Stihl had a horrendous crash on a super fast off camber turn where he followed a guy into a bad line...that guy lost it, took Gordon out and he went catapulting off the side of the road down an embankment and into the trees. It was so bad I was yelling at the next course marshal to get an ambulance. He's OK...just banged up and very lucky.

The "feed" zone was on a climb...but one we'd hit at 25+ mph. Carnage. I never saw one person actually get a feed, just bottles flying everywhere. Not that you needed one in a 50 mile RR with 80˚ weather.

Here's a pic someone sent Crusty...shows me (#1015) rolling in for 19th behind an ex-postal rider Clark Sheehan at top and Korioth in the middle.

TT: Ladd put in a great ride today getting 9th. Here's his START and FINISH on YouTube.