Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Cool race tonight...lots happening and it was pretty fast. LL told me he was gonna launch after the first catch at 15' in but with my diminished fitness I figured I needed to burn that one match I had nearer to the end. LL, Karl and Ward were away for a long time and it took a hell of a chase to pull them back. I had to take a couple big pulls even though I didn't really want to but the chance of those guys staying away was pretty huge.

For the last third of the race I just sort of surfed and kept an eye on things...with everyone in the group chasing like mad I figured it would come down to a bunch sprint so I went into chill mode. It all stayed pretty much together and I was sitting 20th wheel with a half lap to go so I inched up towards the front following Marc W. Someone then put in a massive attack at 1k (Ward?) and I just put my head down and stayed glued to the wheel in front of me. That friggin hurt!

Coming into turn 4 I was sitting 3rd on Marc W's wheel...James (?) was leading it out. Coming out of 4 the train was starting to die and MW was again just sitting on and looking around for a wheel. At around 200m to go I saw my opportunity as the leadout was riding on the left gutter. I thought that if I could attack and ride just off the lead guy's shoulder and taking some people with me that I could maybe box MW in and have a shot at winning. I didn't know how many were following me but it was not enough and MW made it through and won pretty easily (but those tactics have a zero % chance of working in a 1-2 race). I got 2nd.

Damn these races can be fun...