Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last TNWC of 2009

Another smallish group tonight but there were enough strong dudes to keep it interesting and fast.  Not much happened for the first half of the race.  A break of around 8 of us got away at around the midpoint and this was probably less of a break than just natural selection.  Pretty much everyone was there so I wasn't too concerned about doing much work to make it stick.

I knew I had to use that one match I had at just the perfect time.  With 3 to go Wingo launched and got a pretty good gap. We sort of took our time chasing him down which was fine with me cuz that meant one less strong guy to worry about for the finish.  Again I did a minimal amount of work...just surfed the back or just rolled through and off the front to conserve as much as possible.

With one to go I planted myself on Marc's wheel and at this point he had a 95% probability of winning so I wasn't too thrilled about sprinting against him.  Plus what made matters worse for me was there was a strong tailwind blowing down the finish (advantage to Marc).  Usually with that wind I like to attack into the wind with about 1k to go and if I can get a decent gap I can sometimes hold it to the line with the tailwind.  I did consider trying this but I didn't think I had the legs to pull it off.  My one match is sortof puny right now.

Coming to turn 3 of the last lap Jay was leading it out...then Toby, Marc and me.  Right after the turn Marc attacked hard and it sort of surprised me...I totally didn't expect it. A split second later I went after him, dug deep and closed the gap just before turn 4.  He bombed the turn and drilled it up towards the finish line. I looked back once and it was just us two by a good ways.  I knew I had a huge advantage at this point but still wasn't convinced that I could come around him.  I just relaxed, stayed an inch from his wheel and waited till the last possible moment... and with 50m to go I jumped hard and pipped him by a wheel for the win. Very fun finish, good instincts and aggressive riding by Marc but just bad luck.