Saturday, March 13, 2010

B-R Road Race

Today was the Blythewood road race. I was a little apprehensive cuz I really haven't been training that much and I knew it would be a hard mans race. Plus the wind was howling so there would be nowhere to hide either in a break or the field.

At the start we had some collusion with another team about trying to go from the gun. Jay and LL were gonna go and I was gonna try to make the gap happen from the field. This made for a very hard first lap as there were lots of attacks/counters. The 1st 20' I had a NP of 105%. After things settled down 2 guys managed to slip away and stayed away to the finish. We then were chasing hard at times but the friggin gap kept going up...frustrating but kudos to them. 1st hour of racing had a 98% NP.

The short hard laps took its toll and the field was pretty much whittled down. Jay got away with 2 others in chase #1 then LL and 4 others in chase #2. Once LL was out of sight I just shut it down, rode at the back and then stopped on lap 7 so I could watch the finish and conserve a bit for Sunday. Jay ended up 4th, LL 6th.

I did get some grief from a d-bag about "negative" racing. It's always negative if you miss the break or have no teammates. I do make a point not to actively impede an organized chase but if the field wants to follow me around at 21 mph, so be it. Good job to Toby S. today for chasing solo with half lap pulls...just noone would help him.

Crit tomorrow 11am at Satchel Ford Elementary School off Trenholm Rd. Should be some more fireworks from the gun.