Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Mrs K and I rolled out early to get a workout in before the crit but there was a train stopped on Beltline Rd so I did my SST interval down Rosewood and past the stadium. Not ideal so I tacked on a bit of time to make up for the stoplights etc. I ended up with 35' at 90-93% and felt OK, not great.

A large turnout tonight which was great and we started off fast. After a few of hard laps everyone sort of sat up and I rolled up to Toby and said "let's go" so off we went and luckily GW and Karl came across to us. We basically just put our heads down and killed it for 20+ minutes. Hard, hard riding. Great job guys!

GW and I gapped Karl and Toby at one point so we slowed down to let them get back on and I told them to just sit on for a few laps to recover. I knew we had a much greater chance of staying away with them pulling through every once in a while than just GW and myself.

With under one lap to go I pulled out the team card and told Karl to take a flyer...that forced GW to chase him down the backstretch into the wind. As soon as he caught him I countered hard but GW still had the juice to close the gap so then I settled on Toby's wheel with GW on mine.

The sun was in a good position so I could watch GW's shadow so when he jumped I was right on him. I came off his wheel pretty fast and he was starting to die--I thought I had it but the fucker looked over and found another gear in the last 50m and held me off by inches. ;-) I guess that's what happens when you have a sub 1k watt sprint. A very fun race. GW is absolutely flying right now.

1. GW
2. Me
3. Toby