Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Been sick since I unclipped from the race on Sunday. Bad head cold. I did manage to only drink 1/2 bottle in the race and I was also so dehydrated on Monday that I nearly passed out. I kept seeing all these pretty floaty things for about 3 hrs and spent the day in bed.

I took a couple days off the bike then tonight I got on the velodyne and had a pretty solid workout with good leg sensations. It's all good. I'm off to Utah for some skiing tomorrow but may try to squeeze in an "easy" VO2 workout before the flight.

River falls is this weekend which I'll miss. I will be back for our local Blythewood-Roubaix races the following weekend. The course is good and has been changed. No gravel, No dirt . A couple of tough climbs each lap that WILL be selective. Things you will not see at the finish are sprinters or pack fill. This one's gonna be fun.