Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How sweet it is...

Tonight I didn't have a lot of time and Jules wanted to ride so after she headed out, kiddo got to watch a DVD while I climbed on the Velodyne. On these "in between" days of hard rides you sometimes don't want to go do hard intervals but at the same time you don't want to ride totally easy.

Here's where the concept of Sweet Spot Training comes in. Basically you ride at 85% to 95% of your FTP for 60-90min. The intensity isn't so great that you're fried for the next day but it's high enough to affect FTP. You can do many days back to back of this type of training...something you couldn't do with threshold intervals. More discussion here.

So I climbed on the Velodyne, set it to Erg mode, warmed up for 15min then rode at 235w for 45min (all I had time for). An hour later I was done. Sweet!