Tuesday, June 5, 2007

TNWC 6/5

The threat of rain kept a lot of people home tonight but the few who came out were ready to ride hard. From the gun it was attack after attack and the small field was usually strung out. My plan for the night was just to ride as hard as possible and not worry about a good finish and most importantly to always go when either Lang or Jay attacked no matter how I felt. The 3 of us were off the front at least 4 times together.

I thought that after 35min of this pace that the group would crack and we would roll away but that didn't happen which was cool, everyone chased hard all night.

With 2 laps to go I had a brain fart and somehow let Jay roll off the front and that was the only time all night that the group decided not to chase (except for Jay's new wife Linda who in a state of new marriage bliss somehow got across to him...impressive!). I tried to bridge at 1 lap to go cuz I knew he wouldn't be caught but that didn't get too far as the group was glued to my wheel. I ended up about 4th or so.

My legs felt surprisingly good, great in fact, after saturday's ride. I was pleasantly surprised and this bodes well for another hard week of training. I think BS&G is gonna be my main objective for June.


langston said...

Nice name dude, would have thought someone would have taken it. Don't you think though that all this power meter stuff takes some of the fun out of cycling?? The numbers make me dizzy.I prefer an old school approach, look for upcoming word from catup.com....

sufferfest said...

Speaking for most of us who race against you...please do NOT get a powermeter!

my reasons for using one in no particluar order:

--efficient intervals...HR lags by a minute or two so it's not that useful for shorter intervals (eg...you usually go out too hard). Power measures exactly what you can do (HR is a physiological result of work which can be impacted by other factors like dehydration or cardiac drift).

--race analysis...why did I get dropped? where did I burn my "matches" during the race. What do I have to work on to not get dropped (or how much weight do I need to lose)

--chart progress throughout the year or compared to past years. I can accurately plan a taper/peak.

--pacing...on a climb or in a break I know what intensity I can hold and for how long.

--I'm kindof a geek