Sunday, June 10, 2007

Level 6

Ok...confession. I have never done a Level 6 workout. My first 2 years of using a powermeter were all about FTP. Finding it and raising it. I could sit comfortably in the pack during a crit or RR but kindof sucked in a break.

This year I started doing structured VO2 intervals and now find myself able to hang and actually contribute in a hard break. So this year my FTP and VO2 are good but my 1min w/kg is still stuck solidly in the Cat.4 range (7.65 w/kg). Oh yeah...I still can't sprint but I blame my parents for that.

So today it's my first foray into the world of Level 6. Usually these are done at from about 150% of FTP for 30s to 2min. I warmed up for 20min which included 5min at threshold and then set out to do 7-10 intervals at 400w for 1min on, 3min off on the Velodyne.

They went well but the Velodyne in erg mode had a slight 10s delay where I was pushing 450w initially so I switched to incline mode at 4% and controlled the wattage myself...that went smoother (as you can see from interval #4). These weren't all that bad for the first 30s but man the last 10s were killers. My wattage fell off in a big way on interval #7 so that told me I was done.