Saturday, July 26, 2008

Le Tour

Wow...what an awesome TT. An added bonus was watching Evans suffer like a dog and not put major time into Sastre. I wonder who he's going to blame for losing. I don't think I've ever disliked a rider as much as him.

5 min update: That didn't take long...what a douchebag

The Australian expressed his disappointment that his team, once more, was not there at his side when he needed them. "I would have like some more support in the high mountains. At least one team member to ride with me and help at the tough end of a climbing stage," he said. "I would also have expected a bit more help from some other key riders when the pressure was on in the big climbs."

Looking back, what an amazing team CSC has. Incredible watching their tactics unfold.

VDV...what a ride and it was very cool seeing him transform from "sortof team leader" to da man in 3 weeks.

Kohl...dude, WTF? great TT but crashing on the ramp INTO the start gate? Maybe that got him pissed cuz he smoked the TT.

I'd love to see the TSS for Schumaker for the last week...that dude was in about every break last week then totally killed the TT. He's rocking some serious form right now.

Whew! watching that TT wore my ass out...