Friday, July 4, 2008

Road Race

In talking to crusty, looking at the results he's like: that guy was a pro, that guy was a pro...on and on. The fields in all the races were stacked with mostly ex-pro's, ex-world and national champs, 1's and 2's. In our race the first couple laps were very technical, nervous and on-the-rivet fast. Totally lined out with my head down totally focused on the wheel in front of me. Crazy.

It did mellow after a while thank god and I then settled into a rhythm of going all out, then recovering. I did see a couple breaks go and was in good enough position to think about going but I knew better and needed to save all my matches. It was too bad that I came up a couple short cuz I would have loved to have had a shot at the last sprint/climb. I usually do pretty well with an uphill fast sprint. There's always next year...

Tomorrow we're gonna do an hour ride around here and mostly just chill. Tonight at a swank restaurant Lang ordered some god awful thing...picture a bison femur sawed in 3 pieces then baked and the bone marrow eaten with what looked like a popsicle stick. Totally disgusting! He loved it!

Natz crit report on Sunday...