Thursday, July 3, 2008


Quick report:  By far the hardest race I've done this year...very fast and technical, I felt really good for about 6 laps (of 10) and stayed mostly at the front.  It was not at all flat...very rolling with one good big ring climb about a mile from the finish.  On the last lap I was in the lead group and on the climb my legs seized up with double hamstring cramps.  I limped in for 35th place.  Brian got 25th.

The winner of our race was "college" Lance Armstrongs best friend...

35-44:  Ladd 25th, Jay 32nd

45-50:  It started to rain which turned it into a crashfest...and Lang crashed but got up and finished 19th.  He's ok...just lost some skin.  Thurlow Rodgers solo'd to win.

results are up...see HERE