Monday, July 7, 2008

The numbers

Crit: Not much to add about it...I flatted and rode half the race on a non-PT wheel. My NP was in the 240's for the first 40min so I was feeling pretty good I just didn't ride aggressively enough or smart enough to make the selection.

RR: Some crazy numbers here...the first hour I was at NP 278w which is pretty much my FTP. Then I raced another hour! No wonder my legs fell apart near the end. The weird thing was that even though it was incredibly hard and I was digging deep, it never felt like "I'm gonna get dropped" hard so maybe my FTP is a bit higher than 280w right now. My limiter was cramping so I need to take that into account for next year. I gotta do some BIG days before this race and get my CTL up around 80. I think that would do it. I think my intensity prep was about perfect, those 10x1' intervals and motorpacing were the ticket.

First Hour:
Entire race: