Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TNWC 8/25

Another tuesday, another crit. I was thinking I might get dropped tonight...haven't really been riding a lot (5 rides this month!)...just eating bad food and drinking beer. After the first few laps I felt pretty good and then rolled off the front...not as much of an attack as just riding a bit faster than the group (I wouldn't chase me either HaHa). I got a ridiculous gap and after a lap or two at VO2 intensities I settled in at threshold and just waited for the catch. It was a good workout, I felt strongish and was cruising at 280-300w.

My plan was that once the group got sortof close I would duck into one of those driveways after a turn and sortof "disappear". I thought that would be funny but then Lang bridged and we were off again for a while.

The rest of the race was just sortof riding around in circles...we had to organize a chase as there was a pretty strong break late in the race but it came back and it all came down to a field sprint. I was surprised that I never really suffered.

In the end I just wanted to sit on Derek's wheel and see what happened...but so did everyone else so I had to do a bit of creative riding to "move" some people and establish myself. (Treze: "that's my wheel" Really? Not anymore! ;-) ). The sprint happened and I just sat on Derek who rode fast and had to do a fair bit of work to get to the line due to things getting stalled after turn 4. I got 3rd.