Sunday, August 30, 2009

US Pro

I headed up to Greenville on Sunday to catch the US Pro road race. It's always a fun time and Ella wanted to do the kids world championships. Mike Tamayo had said I could catch a ride in the Ouch team car so I found him in the caravan before the race but there was a USA Cycling dude riding so he was going to try to get me on one of the other laps.

That didn't work out so Crusty's like "just jump on that moto" and I ended up with Trey Smith who was driving one of the press moto's. I had to wait a few minutes until Mrs. Hincapie decided she didn't want to go...yeah, really. I don't know what was more fun...watching the riders up close or having Trey going REAL fast down Paris Mtn and railing the corners! It was an incredible ride.

compare that to the ride in the Healthnet car...I'll take the moto!

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LL said...

pretty cool....not as good as the scooter....but cool!