Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Ok...back to some regular updates. Not really much to write about lately. I've been doing 3-4 good rides a week. When I do ride it's nice because I always feel really good and rested. My goal is just to enjoy it and try to do some hard efforts for exercise. Surprisingly my form is still really good.

Tonights TNWC was hot but not too bad when we were cruising around. I just sortof went with the flow of things but no breaks were sticking. Again I knew I wasn't gonna win a field sprint so with half a lap to go some people were attacking and I countered one by Toby with about 800m to go. I got a really good gap and gave it all but died at the end and was passed with 20m to go by MW who won. The huge VW guy got 2nd, he was really strong and put in a couple really big attacks near the end.

Weird: Right before turn 3 my bottle popped out and I wedged it against my toptube with my knee, grabbed it and put it back in the cage...as I was attacking!