Saturday, November 14, 2009


wow...what a day to be outside. I did 3 hrs or so with the group and tried stay on the front as much as possible and ride at or near 90% or so. It was hard to tell cuz my PT had a flat so I rode julie's Rolf Vigors...and I had good legs today and the PE was very low. I probably was hitting my FTP a lot.

Some things I've been thinking about...First is that this is the first year that I have ever felt like I've held my "race fitness" for the entire year. Right now I feel like I could still go out and do a 50mile RR and be in the game. Second, this is the lightest I've weighed at this point in the year in like...ever. I'm usually 6-8# (or more) heavier right now. Third, I'm still not really riding *that* much, just a lot of quality SST minutes. How these will affect 2010 will remain to be seen but I think they're all good.