Sunday, November 29, 2009

lots of kJ

My parents are in town so we've been eating out every meal...I've consumed a shit load of calories this weekend but did get some riding in.

Saturday I did 2:30 with Julie tucked on my wheel. It was a nice cruise and she'd blow at 86% so I kept it pegged at 85.5%. We don't get to ride together that often and she's recovering from H1N1 so she's out of shape.

Sunday I didn't have a lot of time due to a mid day Nutcracker performance by Ella so I did the standard loop in the Fort but just kept it at 90% for most of the time. The legs felt pretty blocked so it wasn't really that fun, but was over quickly.

Funny thing that is too long for a tweet: Fri night we rented Star Trek and after 2 hours we figured out that the DVD was farked and was basically playing chapters in random order. We thought that it was just the director being very artistic with the timeline but after a while it was ridiculous with several replayed chapters...Arrrrgh! Saturday we rewatched it with a good DVD and it is a kick ass flick!

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LL said...

Time travel is tough enough in normal order.