Monday, November 16, 2009


Crit Course: 1x70' at 91%

Legs were a little blocked at the start but once I got going they were like little metronomes. Good sensations, time went fast. New ceramic bearings felt smooth. Enjoyed just rolling at the crit course in the dark with no lights and Moby cranked on the iPod. Sortof surreal. Flatted right at the end and just rode the carbon for the last 30" (ouch!) Luckily my interval ended 3' from my house.

You may ask...why 70'? I have no good answer except that most people do 60' ;-) and if you can get to 60' at 90% why not do an extra 10'? 20'? 30'? More=better.


Secret Trainer said...

If only it was as simple as more=better!

Robert Kendrick said...

"our amps go to 11"

Pile it on, man!

Rich W said...

revised: more=better*

*until it's not

I wonder when I need to start training more than 6 hrs/wk? you should see my power distribution chart in trick pony.

Robert Kendrick said...

I'm in the same boat -- this time of year, I'm either FTP/SST or recovering.

I think its almost impossible to overwork if you're training fewer than 12hrs/week, and if you're not doing anything harder than FTP.

However, that game definitely changes once you start going into VO2...

Matt said...

When doing a workout like this, how are you monitoring power? For example I have a hard time keeping a steady'ish power on the road.

Are you watching avg watts and keep them in the 90% range as much as possible? Tips would be helpful. Thank you!