Sunday, December 20, 2009

Putting in the hours

Karl got his Ph.D last week so Chris threw a huge bash last night...I stumbled in at 2am so we pushed the ride back an hour. A good group showed up and we had a stellar winter ride. Temps in the 40's but very comfortable. At the G-mart I continued on and away from town solo so I'd be committed to a 4 hr ride. It's too easy to just head home when you get close and you're tired.

I ended up with exactly 4 hours and absolutely nothing to do the rest of the day. Crusty's moving so I did help him clear some carbon bits out of his garage (and into my bike room!). Now it's time to start putting in the long rides (and huge TSS) every weekend. Gonna hopefully get some big climbing days in Utah next week.


LL said...

I was only able to muster 2200kJ in my 2:25 ride.

Rich W said...

slacker...u should have done an extra interval.