Monday, December 14, 2009


Went to pull the bike down for tonights ride and...broken spoke. How does one break a spoke with a bike just hanging by a hook? I can't really complain as I have 12k miles on that wheel. Anyway, plan B was to grab my old PT Pro wheel that has about 20+k miles on it. I've been lending this out to power newbies but now that I have it back it seems to be reading about 30w low.

So tonight I just rode by PE and glanced at the wattage every once in a while. I pretty much know where my 90% threshold is...just gotta keep pressure on the pedals and not daydream too much. I ended up with good legs and kept rolling it for 70 min. Dark night, warmish temps (53˚), a bright light and a light mist/rain made for a really nice ride.