Sunday, October 25, 2009


Some good riding this weekend. 2:50 on Sat and a little over 3 hrs on Sunday. Both days were 142 TSS. Gonna get out on the TT bike a bit this week to do my SST workouts as my new ride is going to be built up. The unveiling will be later this week...and you will be impressed!


LL said...

kind of a magic number huh?
Very specific training.

Rich W said...

I felt that listing TSS to the .1's was being too hairy legsish. ;-)

U may have Di2 but I'm getting a new bling frame so suck on that. ;-) ;-)

LL said...

I'll see your new bling frame and raise you a bling frame with Di2.

LL said...

And my legs are very hairy AND my ride today was 19.1 TSS. HA!