Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the usual

Did the usual today after work at the crit course...85 TSS in about 75'. Pretty efficient. Just cruised at 85% and timed it so I was 5' from home at the end.

I'm gonna be out there A LOT this winter, mostly M-Tu-Wed at around 5pm. It's really the perfect place to train. If you're a newbie and want to start some structured training come on out and ride a wheel. I'll be starting some threshold in November but right now it's all SST.

I'm also building a Dual-Triple Cree LED light using the just released XPG's and it should be close to 2000 lumens and insane. If you're gonna go...go BIG. LED's en route now from Australia! I will own the night...


gregclimbs said...

I like my crees pre-packaged:



Rich W said...

I got one of these to tide me over till my big boi is built...900 lumen, P7 emitter, li-ion battery/charger, 3 hrs runtime...all for $79!!! gets awesome reviews at DIY forum.