Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i rode my bike in orlando F.L.A.

I got back today from Orlando and Disney World. As much as I hate to admit didn't suck. I was all ready for 10,000 square acres of walmart but Disney Inc. has it nailed. I'm still pretty fried from the whole thing and no telling how my 6 y.o. dtr feels.

Sat and Sunday mornings I got up and rode with Ward and his crew. Saturday was the group ride with 60-70 assorted riders. A huge group that seemed more like a critical mass event. Soon after the start I followed Ward to the front and we started hammering but after a few hard pulls I had no idea where I was going so I left it to the others and just sat in. It was a good ride but with lots of wind, felt more like a race at times.

Sunday was a smaller group of 12 or so of strong riders and we did around 70 miles mostly just cruising but there were a few times we made it hard. It was pretty cold for Florida...50˚ at the start and only warmed up to 60˚. Luckily I threw in some knee warmers and a vest for the trip. I got about 350 TSS for the weekend.

Back to the crit course on Thursday...