Thursday, October 22, 2009

Training, TT and LED's

Nothing is more efficient than a 5' warmup, 70' at 93% @ crit course, then a 4' cool down. Done and home.

New TT bike came today and it's time to turn into an aero geek...I can't handle the "truth"

People are talking about the Magicshine P7 light. It's a great deal for under $80 (I've got one) but it's not even close to 900 lumens. More like 600-650. Still a kick ass deal and lots of light if you don't want to build one. They're chinese made and cheap so they've got issues, some of which can be addressed.

This puppy is 7 XPG's and is gonna be 2450 lumens in a 4cm diameter housing. I should have the driver next week then I'll build it. Gonna be sick. A giant hyperspace leap from my rides with a 10w halogen on slickrock trail in the late 80's. I'm gonna be building lots of lights this winter for people.
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2 Comments: said...

where do we sign up for the light

Rich W said...

Once I'm done with them and happy with how they turn out I'll post details & email you. I bought a bunch of extra LED's to play with (but only one 7up board...that's gonna be mine!).