Friday, August 3, 2007

40 licks

It's tough sometimes being self coached...cuz you sometimes want to do shit for no reason. Tonight I was rolling out to the fort to do a threshold workout and I had the bright idea to instead do VO2 intervals. I then had to ask myself "why?" and I couldn't really come up with a good reason. This is my 3rd day of training. I'm nowhere near peak form and I had a disaster of an attempted VO2 workout last week. I need to build now and keep the intensity in check until later. Thanks Coach, you're soooo smart...and good looking too.

So back to my original plan of 2x20min at 275w. I wanted to go out pretty conservatively as I would rather have a lower ave wattage and complete the entire workout than go out strong and not get it all done. So with an eye on the PT I started up the hill on Washington...

The legs felt great tonight and as I was getting close to 20min I was in a good rhythm and the wattage was coming easy so I decided not to stop and just plow through till the end. The "rest" is only supposed to be for a minute or two so it didn't make that much difference. The last 5 minutes I tried to push it. Overall the 1st 20min was 275w, 2nd 20' was 277w with the last 5min at 285w. Textbook pacing....I'm pretty happy with that.