Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Tonight's race was a pretty good one...lots of stuff happening. My plan was to just have a good time and not kill myself. I was in a couple of breaks but nothing serious. A small group went away with a couple laps to go and I was hoping for a hard chase and catch on the last lap but they stayed away. I got robin to drill it to turn 4 then I launched trying to catch them and ended up dragging Joe with me but I didn't make it. No biggie...

I've been purposely ignoring all power/wattage stuff right now cuz I'm not at the fitness level right now that it would be that interesting...I'm still downloading it all (to keep the CTL data going) but not really looking at my PMC. I'm usually pretty burnt around this time of year so we'll see how it goes this weekend. The course isn't super selective so I should be ok.