Thursday, December 27, 2007

"easy" loop

Kiddo is still in Ky so Jules and I got to do another rare ride together...did a loop in the fort, 1:30.  Jules felt good and hates to ride slow so I just put it on autopilot at 220w and cruised with her on my wheel.  We both got a good workout.

They're clearcutting a lot of trees on Dixie so I'd recommend doing the "detour" as the main road is pretty messed up with tree limbs etc.

Next big ride will be saturday morning...planning on doing another 4+ hours if it's not raining.


nutty said...

gonna let rain stop you? my new bike is getting ridden no matter what.

Rich W said...

That's a given...I also expect you to spend at least 2 hours cleaning it after the ride.