Saturday, December 15, 2007

Parabens a voce

No photo's of the wheels yet but they are pretty friggin sweet. Very fast and stiff. I put on an old pair of Michelin Pro Race's on them and just ran 100psi to soften the ride and they were about perfect. I'm happy. I'm still trying to figure out if the new PT hub reads about the same as the old one...will take a few more rides to see if the PE's about the same. Seemed pretty close today.

For the group ride today my goal was to ride on the front, and ride hard. That about summed it up. It was a nice ride in the fact that in the morning it was 50 degrees and never got any warmer so there was no need to pull cloths off. It was about perfect temps the whole day. Got about 3 hours in.

Later E's 5th birthday went off...I even had to send Nutty for a beer run ;-) At one point there were about 12 five year olds in my kitchen and a drunken Crusty yells "here's a new game...who here can scream the loudest" Nice going. It was actually pretty funny but some of the soccer moms didn't think so. I got it all on video by chance so I'll have to put it on youtube.