Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hour of Power

Tonight I jumped on the velodyne with the idea of just getting some exercise. Since my PE has been pretty high on the velodyne I started out at a 2% grade and just found a gear that was "comfortable" but at a good intensity. I warmed up for 10 min then settled in at about 230w which felt a lot like an outdoor 275w (threshold). I did 15 min then decided to do some 5 minute intervals at 275w...I just went from 2 to 3% grade and these were hard and I had to really concentrate to complete them. I ended up doing 3 of these 5 min and in between kept the wattage at 230w to keep the TSS up. It was a great one hour workout.

I'm getting my "pain distraction" set up a powerbook on the velodyne showing cyclocross (and internet connected) and an iPod with my good intensity mix. My fan is sooooo kick ass that I had to start out today wearing armwarmers (fan was in front of an open door and 55 degrees outside).


Joel said...

Hey Mr. Gadget,

"Yes, I love technology..." -Kip Dynamite

Rich W said...

I just need to stick some electrodes to my fizik and call it a time machine.

Joel said...

Yeah, but don't forget the crystals! ;-)