Monday, December 24, 2007


Sometimes it's good having a workout nazi as a wife...sometimes it's bad.  This morning we roll out of bed and it's 26 degrees and she goes "when we riding?"  I gotta admit I most probably definitely absolutely would not have ridden today...but we ended up with 2:30 in temps hovering around 35 degrees with a stout 15mph wind.  Ouch.

Now I can handle the cold--I've ice climbed 800' frozen waterfalls in the canadian rockies, climbed to nearly 21,000' in Peru (this peak was pretty freakin cold too) & winter camped in Yellowstone at minus 30........but today was damn cold!

Now it's time for the hot tub, a few beers and about 10 hours of sleep.  The plan is to do a suicidal 4+ hour ride's supposed to be in the 40's.