Saturday, December 1, 2007

LSD is dead

Remember when we used to ride slow in winter...those days are over. Get used to it.

This morning was freakin cold, 38 degrees...but warmed up fast and everyone started shedding clothes. I started with a full jacket and am-fib tights but ended up with a longsleeve jersey and just bibs. Incredible day today.

Did a couple huge efforts with the longest most sustained being from the G-mart all the way to the sprint. Karl took off (fueled by the 18% alcohol content) then LL and I bridged and then it was just pull as hard as you could and hang on. I was getting fried and was on the front coming up to the little climb...should I lead over it to ride at my own tempo or just sit on Karl?. I made a very poor choice--I sat on and paid a dear price. He killed it and I suffered like a dog. Coming up to the sprint I knew I had nothing so I led it out and LL (who was wheel sucking all day) took the sprint. Just kidding....LL was drilling it every chance he got.

Karl...our intrepd Austrian wanted some "fruit juice" at the G-mart so this is what he ended up with. Classic.

There's an issue with Google...clicked photos won't span a new page. They're working on it...update: I think I found a workaround, it should work now.


nutty said...

i did three slow was nice

Rich W said...

let's talk after your first cross race...