Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I felt pretty good tonight, I'm back to pretty much 90+%. The race started out pretty mellow for the first 15' or so then people decided to race. It was pretty standard tuesday night fare until Jay and LL ended up 10 seconds off the front with 20' to go.

For the first little bit of the chase I sort of just sat back and watched and really thought we'd catch them but looking at my speedometer I knew it was gonna take some HP to bring them back. You gotta be going 28 mph to close a gap like that esp when they're going 26 mph. GW and I moved to the front to chase and were taking some monster pulls (along with others) and we'd claw our way back to within 5 seconds of them then there'd be a hesitation or someone pulling at 24 and they'd regain those seconds. Back and forth. Everyone in the pack was killing themselves tonight to chase so that was cool and Tom gave a suicidal last pull to get us pretty close on the final stretch.

The race had been called as 45' +2 so I didn't even know the race was over when LL and Jay sat up...I thought there was another lap to go and wish we could have caught them at the end cuz that would have been a really fun finish with everyone totally gassed. No matter, good workout.

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Jay said...

Yeah, we need at least one more lap to make it more interesting. Technically we were 2 laps short since we crossed the line at 44:45 when Crusty said 1 to go. It should have been 3 to go at that point.