Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TNWC tibco edition

The 6 Tibco girls showed up tonight and really lit it up. They were definitely racing hard and to win. The locals were throwing spears but there was just too much HP out tonight for a break to stay away. I raced hard and the first 20' my NP was 292w (IF 1.03). With 3 to go Crusty & Tibco took to the front and I said "Uh-oh" and started looking around for help then just settled onto the back of the train.

In the back of my mind I thought that the girl who's wheel I was on didn't look like a sprinter and Brook Miller (current US road AND crit National Champ) was just ahead of her. Around turn 3 they lit it up and we flew around turn 4. Brook then attacked with about 300m to go & the girl in front of me sat up...my first thought was "I'm screwed" as Miller got a huge gap. She won the Athen Twilight in exactly the same way 4 days ago.

Jamie from Harrells jumped HARD from behind me and I managed to get his wheel then as we caught Miller I came around both of them for the win. It was one of those "planets align" sort of wins. Very fun.

The race tonight was the fastest of the year at 26.4 mph, my NP was 275w and IF was .98


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I didn't set up the camera that night...wish I would have now.