Monday, June 8, 2009

I'll give you five sheckels.

Went out for some Vo2...not expecting much but wanted to try. Planned on doing 6x4' but it was pretty hard. Ended up deciding to do 4, then talked myself into another one. Not a bad workout despite how I felt. Did these at the crit course.

Tomorrow I'm gonna do 8-10 x 1' before the crit...that should be interesting. Just trying to rack up some serious TSS before taking a couple easy days prior to the RR's this weekend.

I've been thinking a lot about prep for nats...getting my shit straight. Physically I'm getting there but last year I raced on a bike that was not in great shape mechanically (surprise!) and I had issues so I'm getting things dialed NOW--new cables, housing, chain, cleats. New tires (Open Corsa Evo Cx's) will go on a few days prior to the race with a final go over. Here's my updated training plan and the "done" entries are what I actually did: Plan