Tuesday, June 16, 2009

L6 + TNWC= 90 CTL

Did my 8.5 x 1' intervals today before the crit...was gonna do 10 but died on the 9th and decided to stop there. Great #'s tonight. The crit was good and fast but not too fast...easy to sit in. I wasn't too worried about getting in a break, I just surfed, followed some moves and it was all together till the end.

I did take a flier with about 1.5 laps to go and got a decent gap but was chased and then got caught with 1/2 lap to go...I slotted in at 4th wheel and then sprinted to 2nd place behind James W who got a nice jump. I really wanted to win tonight on my 43rd B-day!

Fun workout...lots of TSS. 4 hard days in a row and now I'm ready for a rest day tomorrow. I did hit an all time high of 90 CTL today...Rockin!