Tuesday, June 2, 2009

tn-f'd up-wc

My legs were still pretty hurtin from the weekend even after the rest day on Monday. Motorpacing can fry your hamstrings. So tonight the plan was to do some kind of threshold workout before the crit so I ended up just doing a 90% 30' SST interval right before it.

I just rolled around for a while at the start sitting in then there was a lull and a too perfect time to attack so off I went...ended up away with Karl and a couple others then when I thought the field caught us I sat up to realize that it was the Jay express and the field was a long way back. Oops.

The field wasn't exactly chasing so I took off and ended up with Jamie, Damon and another Harrell's dude. We were working great together and I started feeling strong and was taking a minute plus pulls at high Vo2 range. We started with a 20" gap and was closing it down slowly but steadily until we were under 5"...until at 49' someone called 2 laps to go and fucked it up (again).

You know when a race is 50' plus 2 you look at your computer when you cross the line and if it says 50' then you have 2 laps left...it ain't rocket science. Maybe some people watching were getting bored sitting there...

We kept drilling it in the chase and on the "last" lap I put in a big effort and closed the gap to the point that Jamie was able to get across and latch on...right before the sprint started. It could have been an exciting finish...Oh well.

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Jay said...

With people strung out all over the course, we had no idea that we were being chased. Even though it was a 3 man PV break, we attacked each other with over a lap to go, just for fun. Even at the finish I had no idea Jamie was there.