Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Continuing with the theme of train as hard as possible till you fall apart...Did 8x1' intervals before the crit (with good #'s) then felt amazingly good during it. 2:06 total with a TSS for the day of 163 (IF of .881).

I didn't really want to be in any breaks so I'd rest in the back and then go to the front and drill it to help bring back whoever was away...then I'd disappear to the back again. Did this a few times...was away with Toby for a while. Rob Reed rolled away with about 5 or so laps to go and motored...building up a huge gap he held for the win. Awesome job!

CTL now is 86...TSB -14 so it's all good. Easy 1.5hrs tomorrow, Thursday off, Friday ez spin then race the weekend.