Saturday, September 15, 2007

caesars head

Great day in the mtns....65 miles and temps in the 70's. We went up Caesars head then over to 178. Lots of good climbing and 2300kJ burned. At the stop sign at hwy 8 and 276, before the first climb Karl says "start the time here..." needless to say I watched him ride away very quickly as I settled into a nice threshold tempo. He did, longer than that.

Karl also informed me that he checked his odometer for this year and it's at around 1500miles. I'm considering homicide or just something that will have some permanent, painful, lasting effects. A guy who can climb/race with Cat 1's and 2's and pretty much ride away from any 3 without really training. HE MUST DIE. Sorry Chris, it's just gotta be that way...

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Joel said...

Damn, I'm having my worst year—because of low mileage—and I've got over 1500 miles! I'm beginning to suspect Karl is robot; think Schwarzenegger in Terminator! ;-)

It's probably 10 years ago, but we were doing Caesars Head with Poindexter et al, and some of the stronger riders reported that Karl had stopped at a road-side produce stand along that climb, bought an apple, and rode off before they could catch him.

Rich W said...

that produce stand was there on saturday...karl could have stopped and made an apple strudel and I still wouldn't have caught him.